Agent Dremosdur

Template: 2017
Creator: ToxI / Dremosdur

Description: DREMOSDUR| MIDGERMANY | ENLIGHTENED 01|12|2018 - Dremosdur got created 02|08|2019 - first First Saturday attended 27|05|2019 - reached L16 06|08|2019 - first OP (EGUEL) colaborated 08|03|2020 - first Mission Day participated (WomensDay Berlin) 30|07| 2022 - first Anomaly (Superposition Munich) and yet more to come... Dremosdur is a young and energetic Enlightened agent. His focus is on hard to reach portal areas and their guardiance. Since he has got in touch with the Community, he is desired with getting young frogs into the game and helping them to keep up their play. He is obsessed with team spirit and fighting the smurfs all over the world. Meeting new agents; exploring new areas; pushing his stats to the best - That's Dremo

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