Ingress Mission Day Buxtehude 2024

Template: 2016
Creator: Heistergand
Mission Day

Description: The most famous story in the town of Buxtehude is the one about the footrace between the hare and the hedgehog. The hare boasts about his speed and talks the hedgehog into a race across the field. The hedgehog has to explain this to his wife and the two outsmart the hare by having the hedgehog's wife waiting at the finish line and simply saying: "Ick bün all dor" (I'm already there). The hare's pride is so offended that he immediately wants revenge: the same route back. There, of course, the hedgehog man is waiting: "Ick bün all dor!". And so the hare runs back and forth across the field all alone, convinced that he must be the fastest, until he finally collapses dead in the middle of the field. On this BioCard, the second hedgehog is secretly waiting on the back with the slogan: "Ick bün all dor!"

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