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Description: The Resonator is an XM object that amplifies and tunes the XM energy naturally occuring at Portal locations. Resonators can be used to increase the XM flow and align XM modulation to Enlightened or Resistance frequencies. Portals must be fully Resonated to link to other Portals. Level 1-8 Resonators have been observed although more powerful Resonators are almost certainly possible. The Resonator was created during initial XM research studies conducted by the Niantic Project at CERN. The creation of the Resonator (and the initial insights into the ability to form XM into functional objects) is attributed to Dr.Oliver Lynton-Wolfe but the Niantic AI system (ADA) played a significant and not fully understood role in this process. Insight into XM properties were also provided by Dr.Devra Bogdanovich, Roland Jarvis, Carrie Campbell, and Enoch Dalby, among others.

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