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Description: The XMP or "Exotic Matter Pulse" is an XM object that, when deployed, creates an XM explosion radiating out from the detonation point. The strength of the resulting pulse drops off rapidly with distance but can persist for hundreds of meters. There are no known side effects to Agents from deploying XMPs, although no clinical studies have been conducted at the high XM exposure levels generated. Heavy users are advised to wear shielded clothing such as the Cobra Hoodie manufactured by Chrome Industries. Level 1-8 XMPs have been observed more powerful XMPs are almost certainly possible. The XMP was created during initial XM research studies conducted by the Niantic Project in CERN. The purpose was to explore the properties of XM constructs to Portal manipulation and in particular the related Resonator technology which developed concurrently. The XMP was developed by Dr.Oliver Lynton-Wolfe.

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