Features for future versions of this Database

This is a list of features that are planned to be integrated in Ingress BioCards. There is no fixed timeline and order in which the features will be implemented.

  • Extend the database to also manage Pins, Patches, Coins, Stickers and other swag. [Currently in development]
  • Implement Shop links to directly buy items if a shop is selling them
  • enhance Biocard upload and edit form
    – cut images during upload
    – additional information about the different template types
  • Group variations of the same card or different Agent cards of the same agent (similar to sets)
  • Show other variations on the details page
  • Implement an easy trading system where you can select BioCards from a public spare list and propose a trade
  • Report cards (Duplicate or other reasons)
  • User profile page with personal options
    creating a public link for the spare collection
    – create a public link for the whishlist
    add Agent name (optional)
    – add Faction (optional)
  • improve Biocard search
  • Display ingame badges in the description of official Biocards that have character codes
  • create sets
    – group cards together to a set
    – define the order of the cards within the set
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